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New in-vehicle payment solution launched in Massachusetts

By Verdict Staff

April 30, 2019

A new payment solution called PayByCar that enables drivers to make payments for gas purchases from their vehicle without the use of cash, app or card has launched in Westborough, Massachusetts.

The payment solution will utilise the E-ZPass transponder in a driver’s vehicle.

Using these transponders, the solution will charge customers directly to the payment method one selects during the enrolment process- whether credit card, debit card, or e-wallet.

PayByCar payment solution is designed to recognise a registered transponder in a vehicle and will text such users.

If the customer keys in the pump number, PayByCar will turn the pump on automatically and charge the card.

PayByCar president and COO Anand Raman said: “We chose the MetroWest area to launch this new technology, and Westborough, MA specifically, because the community matches our target market demography.

“Close to 495 and the Mass Pike, Westborough has a lot of daily commuters with E-ZPass transponders.

“PayByCar gives them use of a proven and familiar technology in a completely new way.”

Currently, the service can be used for fuel purchases at the Route 9 Alltown Mobil at 130 Turnpike Road on the Eastbound side of Route 9.

Plans are on to expand the use of the solution for making payments at convenience stores, car washes, drive throughs and restaurants.

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