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E-ZPass partners with Verdeva to offer in-car payments

Petrol Plaza:

Verdeva, Inc. officials have inked a deal to allow the creation of a service called PayByCar. The payment service would be part of the Driven by E-ZPass program, which allows drivers to link a second payment account to their transponder for non-toll charges.

The in-vehicle payment solution lets drivers use toll transponders to simplify and speed non-toll transactions, such as pumping gas and paying at quick-serve restaurants and car wash drive-thrus and other automotive services.

"American drivers spend hundreds of hours behind the wheel every year. When they stop for coffee or to fill up their tank, the last thing they want is to be waiting in long car lines and fumbling for cash or credit cards. But, too often, that’s exactly what happens,” said Kevin Condon, CEO and founder of Verdeva and PayByCar.

When a member drives up to a participating retailer, PayByCar recognizes the toll transponder on the car and the presence of the driver’s cell phone. It authorizes and automates payment using the member’s chosen method.

“Anybody who has an E-ZPass transponder in their car can enroll in PayByCar and be able to drive up and pay without ever reaching for their wallet,” added Condon.

E-ZPass Group is used in over 35 million vehicles across much of the U.S.

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