65 million vehicles in the US with toll transponders pass through your gas station or drive-through every day. 35 million have E-ZPass transponders.

PayByCar makes it possible for you to interact with those millions of customers easily.

Here are 4 reasons retailers should make PayByCar a part of their story


Increase Share of Market

Let’s face it – there’s a reason electronic toll collection is popular with drivers – it’s faster, smarter, and safer than the old method.  PayByCar improves the customer experience everywhere else a driver pays for stuff.  Make it available and PayByCar customers will come to your location. 

Cut throughput time by half

PayByCar can speed throughput at the pump, in drive-thru lanes and lots of other places.  We do it by eliminating steps – for example, we cut 8 of 12 consumers steps needed to pay at the pump.  Simple one-step transactions that eliminate the use of credit/debit cards completely.

1X1 Personalized Marketing

PayByCar makes it possible for you to text your customer when it counts most – when they’ve arrived on-site.  From in-store offers to links to download your loyalty app, PayByCar makes powerful marketing tools possible.

Eliminate card fraud

PayByCar eliminates use of cards for payment. No cards, no fraud. Not from skimming or drive-offs.

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