Frequently asked questions

What is PayByCar?

PayByCar is a fast, secure and easy way to pay for services like gas fill-ups, drive thru pick-ups, etc. from the comfort of your car. We are bringing proven electronic toll technology to your everyday drive-up transactions.

What do I need to sign up for PayBycar?

You need a toll transponder (like E-ZPass), a credit card and a smartphone.

How can I sign up for PayByCar?

You can sign-up by clicking on the sign in button

Is a PayByCar account the same as an E-ZPass account?

No. Your PayByCar account and E-ZPass account are not the same.

What is a non-tolling account?

It is an account where you can link your toll transponder (like E-ZPass) with a credit or debit card of your choice and use it for any kind of non-tolling transactions. Examples include filling up with gas, drive-thrus, car washes, etc. Just like you have a tolling account with E-ZPass, you can create a non-tolling account with PayByCar.

Where can I find my E-ZPass transponder number?

How can I add a credit/debit card to my profile?

Click on the sign in button Click on the sign in button to get to this screen.

Can I have multiple credit cards on my profile?

No. You can save only one credit/debit card on your profile. We will be launching multi-card support soon. Expect an update from us soon.

Can I add my credit card to my profile at the time of transaction?

If you forget to add a credit/debit card to your profile at the time of enrollment, you will be prompted to add the card when you show up at a PayByCar site. You will get a SMS text message asking you to add credit/debit card to your profile and then you will be able to proceed with the transaction.

Where is PayByCar service available today?

PayByCar service is LIVE at Alltown Mobil gas station at 130 Turnpike road (east bound), Westborough MA.

How can I use PayByCar at a gas station today?

Check your SMS notification as soon as you pull into a PayByCar gas station.

What can I do if I enter the wrong pump number? Will I be able to cancel the transaction?

There are two scenarios here: 1. Inactive or Pump in use: If the pump number you entered is already in use or in-active, then you will receive a text message asking you to choose a different pump number 2. Activated the wrong pump: If you activate the wrong pump, you will have to physically go to the pump, remove the nozzle from the holder and put it back to cancel the transaction. Please remember to enter the right pump number.

How do I know if PayByCar service is available near me?

PayByCar will send you emails notifying any expansions of our services.

Will I get email confirmation for my fill-up?

Yes, you will get an e-receipt in your email after the transaction is complete. You can also access your transaction history from your PayByCar profile.

Other questions?

You can always reach us at

Why did I get "Payment authorization unsuccessful" message when I tried to activate a pump?

This is not a PayByCar error. The issuing bank of your credit card has declined the charges. Please call your credit card customer support.

How can I change the email address on my PayByCar profile?

Please email your request to Remember to include both your current and new email address and your default phone number.

Can I add multiple drivers on a single PayByCar profile?

No. For now, we allow only one drive per PayByCar profile.

Can I use my loyalty card with my PayByCar transactions?

No. PayByCar transactions are separate and do not accrue loyalty points.

I did enroll in the PayByCar program and I have my E-ZPass transponder mounted on my windshield but I did not get a SMS message on arriving at the site. Why?

Some possible reasons why you are not getting the on-arrival SMS message include: Reason 1: Your E-ZPass transponder may be out of battery and could have stopped working. We recommend that you email us at with your transponder number and let us know. We will check our logs and get back to you with our findings. Reason 2: If you are driving any of the vehicles listed in the link below, we may have some difficulty reading your transponder tag on arrival at our site.;jsessionid=0000g570svmonc7BCAJI8NQHa2e:-1?id=extTags

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