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Enrollment Questions

How do I sign up for PayByCar?

You can enroll here or text “ENROLL” to 617-249-7524. You will need a toll transponder (like E-ZPass) or a PayByCar Smart Tag, plus a smartphone and a credit card. You don’t need your E-ZPass account number – just the number on the transponder itself.

Can I start enrolling but finish it later?

Yes! Although the enrollment process takes only a few minutes, we will save your information if you can’t complete it all at once. Then, when you’re ready to complete your enrollment, you can sign in to your account here.

Will I be required to download an app?

Unlike other contactless payment methods, PayByCar does not use an app, so none of your account information is stored on your phone nor do we have access to your phone’s contacts, GPS, or other sensitive information.

How do I find my transponder number?

Your transponder number appears between the two asterisks (*) on your E-ZPass.

Can I add more than one transponder and/or driver to my account?

You can add more than one transponder, however, at this time we only allow one smartphone number per account. This means that only the account owner will receive a text message when one of your transponders arrives at a participating location.

Can I add more than one credit card to my account?

For now, we can only save one credit/debit card to your account. However, we plan to launch multi-card support soon.

Can I use my loyalty card with my PayByCar transactions?

PayByCar transactions are separate and do not accrue loyalty points. However, we do have occasional discounts offered only to PayByCar members. We announce them in emails to our members and on our social media.

Will I still get points on my credit card when I use PayByCar?

PayByCar uses the credit card on your account, so if your card awards points for gas purchases, PayByCar transactions should still be eligible.

How do I get a PayByCar Smart Tag?

You can request a Smart Tag during the enrollment process, but if you’ve already enrolled with a transponder number and decide you’d like to use a Smart Tag instead, please contact us.


If you have additional questions about PayByCar, please contact us.