Paybycar welcomes

amazon alexa to the pump

January 9th, 2020

At PayByCar we’re excited to see the announcement from Amazon, ExxonMobil, and Fiserv about the upcoming ability for Alexa-enabled cars and other devices like Echo Auto to pay for gas at ExxonMobil stations!  PayByCar knows that the world of on-the-go commerce in vehicles has been way too friction-filled, and the more creative solutions the better! 

That’s why we’ve built a text-based simple and secure solution that already eliminates interacting with the gas pump screen. Pull in, text your pump number, fuel, and go (the receipt is waiting for your on your phone). 

Our own solution works with vehicles new and old, because the vehicle ID is done by recognizing existing RFID tags (like our “Driven by E-ZPassTM” program using toll transponders, or our own PayByCar 6c decal tags from our partner Star Systems International) – giving PayByCar a potential installed base over 65m vehicles. 

And the consumer’s payment choice isn’t restricted – today, PayByCar users choose their payment card, debit or credit. And soon their choice can include eWallets, whether Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or one of the scores of other eWallets coming into the market.

Our goal at PayByCar is to be a universal solution, available at multiple retail brands, whether in gas, fast-food drive-thrus, or commercial parking facilities.  And we’re committed to keeping on-the-go commerce frictionless and secure.

C’mon in, Amazon! Join us in making in-vehicle payments easier!


September 5th, 2019

When I started my first day of work at PayByCar, I was unsure what to expect. I have never had an internship before and did not know how early-stage start-ups work. Now that I have completed my first week, I am eager to learn more.

This past week I spent my time shadowing Anand Raman, President and COO of PayByCar, and participating in a PayByCar day at the DCU offices in Marlborough, MA. First, Anand and I went to the Alltown Mobil gas stations in Marlboro and Framingham in order to take measurements for new sites at which to implement our technology. Next, at PayByCar day, I spent a few hours talking to DCU employees about PayByCar in an effort to increase enrollment in our service.

I’ve learned a lot in my first week. It has been a very stimulating experience for me because I am stepping out of my comfort zone. For example, prior to working at PayByCar, I was not familiar with EZ Pass technology nor payment methods. I now have a basic understanding of both, and I look forward to learning more this summer. Next, spending the day at the DCU offices was a great learning experience for me because I have never had to approach strangers to inform them about a product before. I was nervous and hesitant to talk to people at first, but the DCU employees were very polite and seemed interested in learning more about PayByCar.

It has been a busy week, and I look forward to working at 

PayByCar for the rest of the summer!

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