When I started my first day of work at PayByCar, I was unsure what to expect. I have never had an internship before and did not know how early-stage start-ups work. Now that I have completed my first week, I am eager to learn more.

This past week I spent my time shadowing Anand Raman, President and COO of PayByCar, and participating in a PayByCar day at the DCU offices in Marlborough, MA. First, Anand and I went to the Alltown Mobil gas stations in Marlboro and Framingham in order to take measurements for new sites at which to implement our technology. Next, at PayByCar day, I spent a few hours talking to DCU employees about PayByCar in an effort to increase enrollment in our service.

I’ve learned a lot in my first week. It has been a very stimulating experience for me because I am stepping out of my comfort zone. For example, prior to working at PayByCar, I was not familiar with EZ Pass technology nor payment methods. I now have a basic understanding of both, and I look forward to learning more this summer. Next, spending the day at the DCU offices was a great learning experience for me because I have never had to approach strangers to inform them about a product before. I was nervous and hesitant to talk to people at first, but the DCU employees were very polite and seemed interested in learning more about PayByCar.

It has been a busy week, and I look forward to working at 

PayByCar for the rest of the summer!

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